I'm Jasmine Young. I have Delusional Stress Disorder. I don't think I'm necessarily crazy but people beg to differ. I arrived to Belvedere one year ago and it has brought me more wonders than I would have ever imagined.

Elle lutte, elle se débat,
Mais ne résistera pas,
Je vais bloquer l'ascenseur,
Je vais prendre ta douleur,
Saboter l'interrupteur,
Je vais prendre ta douleur.
Home is where the heart is
I'll Breath again

We meet again | John & Jasmine |

"Miss Young?"

 Jasmine’s head popped up, her eyes focusing on a small, brunette nurse that was leaning against the doorframe to her bedroom. “Mhmm?” Her voice was small and nervous and she wondered why the nurse was in her room. Jasmine had been acting like an angel lately, trying her hardest to show the staff in Belvedere that she deserved a chance to move down a floor. If Lukas was able to make the change then why couldn’t she? She hadn’t hurt herself too terribly the last few weeks and she hadn’t been involved in any sort of drama as well. She was proud of herself but the images and voices never stopped.

"You know a John Doe, right?" Jasmine nodded, her eyebrows slightly raised, her stomach beginning to flutter with butterflies. Was something wrong? Was he hurt? Or worse? "He’s been..resistant lately. And not speaking. We know you two were..somewhat friendly. Is there any way you could try talking to him?" It was an odd request, really, but she hadn’t seen John in what felt like a very long time. Actually, Jasmine wasn’t really speaking to many people either, even Derrick, and she realized she needed to come out just a little more. Maybe it could help her case in moving down a floor, just like Lukas had. “Sure.” She rose from her bed, bringing her book along with her, clutching it to her chest. She shut the door behind her and continued down the hallway, following closely behind the small nurse. 

"We will keep a look out for you, just incase." Were they warning her? Would he possibly attack her? The butterflies soon returned as she found herself staring at the large metal door in front of her. The door was opened and she quickly slipped inside, feeling the heavy door shut with a loud thud. "J-John?" Her voice piped in, keeping her eyes locked on the boy in front of her. He looked smaller, almost, and weak. She could tell he hadn’t been eating much. "John, it’s, uh, Jasmine." She walked a few steps toward him but stopped, not sure if he even wanted a visiter, especially her.